7 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor 

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Why you need a mentor? We have listed the seven reasons for this question. Mentorship is a tested and tried practice that’s becoming mainstream in many corporate companies and educational institutions to shape the future generation into high-performing individuals.  

One of the most important factors for success is having a mentor. Whether you’re in school, in business, or both, mentors are instrumental to your personal and professional growth. 

This article is a must-read if you’re wondering how a mentor can help you. We will discuss seven reasons why everyone needs a mentor for ideal growth. Let’s start.  

1. Mentors Find the Right Resources for the Job 

Mentors are a necessity in today’s world. They can have access to the right people in your industry who can help you to succeed in your career. Similarly, they have the experience and means to support you to do your job right. Most people, especially new graduates, struggle to find the right resources to nudge them in the right direction; hence a mentorship program is ideal for building connections. 

2. Mentors Help You Set SMART Attainable Goals & Achieve Them 

You may feel surprisingly motivated to achieve the impossible when heading into mentorship programs. Still, it is essential to set smart, attainable goals that you can realistically achieve soon. Your mentor provides you with an environment of self-control, self-criticism and self-betterment that translates into refined characteristics in an individual and a measurable success line. 

3. Mentors Lead You Develop Skills and Hobbies Necessary for Career Progression

While going through the mentoring program, your mentor can detect your improvement points and lead you to develop skills related to your particular industry. New technology is coming out every day, and there are tons of gadgets to explore (and learn how they work). Mentors can suggest you start hobbies that align with your long-term goals to practice the skills you need to become better at what you do. 

4. Mentors are Trusted Advisers 

Mentors and mentees have a relationship of trust and respect where both prove to be a helpful element for the other. Mentors offer genuine advice that suits your current situation rather than providing generic solutions that only add to your stress. You can also rest easy that whatever direction you’ll get will result from years of expertise and not hokum. 

5. Mentors Build Your CV for Success in the Job Market 

Your CV defines your career and often your personality, depending on how well-structured your resume is. Knowing the importance of a catchy resume, you can build one with the help of your mentor that effectively describes your achievement while showcasing you as an ideal fit for a particular job.  

6. Mentors Give Honest Feedback 

Often a person needs a wake-up call or a piece of honest advice that can help them differentiate between good and bad practices. Mentors are open with the mentees and give them authentic feedback, so the aspiring individuals can continue to learn and not get stuck in circles.  

7. Mentors Challenge You

Mentors push you to go farther and surpass your limits, so you’re never settling for anything less than perfect. If an individual feels overwhelmed or unmotivated in their life journey, a mentor can help them see things clearly and rejuvenate their desire to continue working harder.  


In conclusion, mentorship programs are incredibly fruitful for individuals looking to surpass their limits and learn the many secrets of living the best life possible. Of course, the will to achieve wonders entirely depends on your mindset, but mentors can give you a nudge in the right direction. If you’re perplexed about having a mentor in your life, this is your sign to get one.  

Good luck! 

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