150x Return on Investment with our Mentoring Software

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Why mentorship?

Mentoring emerges as a promising mechanism to foster individual and professional growth within organizations

Higher Retention


Increase in retention

Higher Productivity


Increase in productivity

Faster Progress


times more likely to promote

Increased Success


say it was critical for their success

Why do you need an online mentoring software?

Most companies and organizations do offer mentoring schemes already, but majority of them fail
and result in waste of time, energy and money.

However, data shows us that

0 %

of Fortune500 companies offer some form of mentoring schemes to their employees.


0 %

of those companies can be considered successful. The rest of the time, money and energy goes wasted.

Most mentoring programs suffer from 4 key challenges


Bringing the right characters together is a key factor for success but it is hard


Matching doesn't necessarily get people going; they need efficient comms tools and triggers


Users don't know how to be a good mentor/mentee; they need clear direction and goals


Admins crave visibility and control into what's happening; users need it too

Everybody wants to participate in a mentoring program, but most of us don’t know how to be a good Mentor or Mentee

Mentorink can help you deliver up to 150x ROI


Increase the success of your mentoring program


Reduce the admin effort needed


Deliver return on your investment

Over-perform vs traditional L&D systems by leveraging key benefits of smart mentoring

Increase Engagement among your workforce

Develop and Retain Top Talent

Offer a cost-efficient and effective Development Program

Realize your organisation’s full potential
through smart mentoring activities