Mentorink can empower your organization in many ways

Career Development

  • Match more experienced employees with junior employees
  • Help them get inspired and develop actionable plans that prepare them for their career objectives
  • Provide them with a safe space in which they can follow up on those actions and grow together

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Leadership Development

  • Bring senior leaders together with junior leaders or your highflier employees who are preparing for leadership roles
  • Make sure the key leadership skills and experience that is unique to your organization is transmitted to your future leaders
  • Make sure your future leaders prove that they build good mentor and mentee qualities before they can take on critical roles

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Talent Development

  • Develop certain talent that is critical for your organization
  • Enable your employees to learn from your subject-matter experts and gain key skills
  • Sky is the limit: we run mentoring programs on very specific hard and soft-skills in various domains such as Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, HR and Operations

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  • Support your new hires during their first weeks and months in your organization
  • Cut down on training costs and help them get hands-on quickly
  • Spread and strengthen your organizational culture

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Diversity & Inclusion

  • Offer targeted programs to empower under-supported or represented groups among your workforce
  • Embed diversity & inclusion as a key value in your organisation
  • Ensure your workplace is one where every member feels respected, support and can bring the best version of themselves

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Culture & Transformation

  • Promote and strengthen the desired values for your organisational culture
  • Help establish a common cultural language between various groups of employees across various locations, units or businesses
  • Transform your culture and future-proof your business

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Reverse Mentoring

  • Reverse the roles, help your senior people learn from new generations, stay up to date on what they care about and how they approach new challenges
  • Break hierarchies, promote a learning culture
  • Inspire new generations and attract new talent

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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Match your employees with external audiences such as students
  • Help students learn about career opportunities and get inspired, while your employees get social satisfaction and stay in touch with new generations
  • Strengthen your employer branding, influence the development of students and get better hiring & placement opportunities

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Transform old-fashioned mentoring programs into
effective mutual growth experiences



Sole focus on transmission of experience from Mentor to Mentee

A two-way experience in which both sides support each other to grow

Mostly random matchings with no solid rationale

Targeted matchings based on strengths and development areas that complement each other

Unstructured meetings that quickly fade away

Fruitful conversations with a clear structure and agenda, a well-guided mentoring journey

No visibility into what’s going on, lots of feedback forms & Excel sheets flying around

Single source of truth for clear & continuous feedback and full visibility & control over progress

Realize your organisation’s full potential
through smart mentoring activities