5 benefits of Mentoring at Workplace

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There are many benefits of mentoring at workplace. We all experience some difficulties in our first jobs, but as long as there’s workplace mentoring, there are no worries. Workplace mentoring has been with us for quite a while, or maybe even forever, as there are always people who need help at their jobs from more experienced people. This defines the importance of mentoring at workplaces. 

However, some companies overlook workplace mentoring. These companies are now offering training programs for their employees, which is almost the same as workplace mentoring, except that it’s sometimes not free and takes more time.

Workplace mentoring seems to be the best solution for companies to gain smart and hardworking employees. It is a process that occurs naturally and has many benefits to everyone working in that workplace.

1. Battling stress

We all know how important our mental health is. Often beginners at a job experience stress and anxiety due to profound experience at their jobs. With mentoring going on in the workplace, we can ensure that our workers don’t have any issues with their mental health and keep on working happily. 

Mentors help beginner employees overcome difficult tasks easily by explaining to them how it all works. Beginner employees thus become mature at their jobs sooner than expected and are at low risk of stress. Mentoring can also help the new employees to fit in easily, which means they won’t have any problems making friends at the workplace. This creates an advantage for companies as stressful employees tend to work less than those who aren’t stressed.

battling stress at workplace

2. Engaged employees

With someone knowledgeable to guide you in everything, success becomes inevitable. Mentors are meant to be highly skilled employees with a lot of experience in what they do. So, the employee learning from them, also called mentee, is bound to become a skilled worker like his or her mentor.  Furthermore, mentors have leadership qualities that are passed down to their mentees. Additional leaders can never be a disadvantage for any company.

3. Benefit for the mentors

You must be wondering why a mentor should spend his or her time mentoring new employees, what’s the benefit for a mentor? To understand the answer to this question, you must know about the relationship between a mentor and a mentee. A mentor can take pride in the excellent work of his or her employee and maybe even some credit, and the mentee isn’t the only one learning. Mentors can also learn a lot of important new things from their mentees.

enabling positive company culture

4. Positive workplace culture

Workplace mentoring creates a positive environment by connecting all the individuals working in that workplace. A better environment means more productivity; working as a team is always better. It helps to keeps passion and enthusiasm consistent in the workplace.

5. Mentoring retains employees

There’s nothing more important to companies than talented employees, and if these employees end up leaving their jobs, it could be devastating for any company. Studies prove that employees who are mentored stay on their jobs for a longer time, and show not just more satisfaction, but are also more devoted to the employer.


There are countless benefits of mentoring at workplaces. It is of immense importance for a company. Workplace mentoring should not be overlooked; employees need help during their crucial learning stage. 

Happy to share best practices and support you for building up your mentoring initiative.