4 Crucial Benefits of Being a Mentor

4 Crucial Benefits of Being a Mentor

“If you be a light for someone, remember that light will light your way too.” Did you feel to being a mentor? If yes, take a look at the Benefits of Being a Mentor:

Let’s get in!

Can I tell you that you can change the world for someone? And what if you don’t have to mutate and turn into a spiderman or a superman, but you just have to provide an hour a week? Especially if you are learning and developing a lot while doing this? What would you say?

I say you be a Mentor.

Mentoring is undoubtedly an enriching process for mentees. For example, university students struggling with a thousand kinds of questions such as “which job family should pursue , which sector should I work, whether I should go abroad or engage more into academic life, and how will I prepare myself for all these? With the presence of the mentor, he can start his career one step ahead.
What about the mentors? For them, is this process just a matter of volunteering? What do they gain from this process?
In fact, mentors, like mentees, stay one steps ahead too. Because mentoring:

  1. Develop Leadership Skills: Mentors gain leadership skills such as active listening, understanding one’s needs and making the right directions within these needs, measuring / evaluating and inspiring. That’s why people who are mentors receive 5 times more promotion in their careers.
  2. Teaches brand new things: It allows you to follow innovations with your mentee in the “age of internet” where everything changes very quickly. In addition, by listening to her experiences, your ability to empathize improves. You will also discover topics that are most relevant to you, as well as telling your story aloud to others to gain new awareness of yourself.
  3. Provides network: Your mentee is not only a mentee, but may also be a new colleague who you may encounter in professional life. Because today’s mentees will be the difference makers and decision makers of tomorrow. So you get stronger connections, both personal and professional.
  4. You can change the world for someone: 1 hour a week online or offline, you can shed light on someone’s life with your experiences. In this way, the experiences you have gathered become more meaningful, enlighten others, and you have a unique social satisfaction.

We have seen 4 crucial benefits of being a mentor. Well, if you say how to do it, Mentorink is for you.
Mentorink enables organizations to manage their mentoring programs and processes. It sets out with the dream of providing an innovative mentoring experience, grows every day with new members who want to change the world of someone!

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