Participate in Mentorink, get your certificate

The new generation mentoring software platform Mentorink continues to provide privileges to its users!

Since its inception, Mentorink has brought a new meaning to mentoring and has made a difference in personal development in a short time. In other words, mentoring has become more surprising, more interactive, and giving priority to personal development. How so?

People who come to Mentorink with the dream of sharing their experiences, pursuing their goals, developing and growing, and who never know each other, are matched as mentors by means of intelligent algorithm. Thus, in the beginning, the story of two people who never knew each other came together and became a success story that supported each other and created new opportunities. That’s where the surprise came from.

To keep this mentoring interaction alive at all times, Mentorink has provided its users with all kinds of online tools and has been able to make their users more equipped with the most popular content (videos, articles, etc.). Therefore, it created an interactive environment, mentoring relationships never became monotonous.

Just as you have accelerated personal development: the experience and learnings that users add to each other’s life during mentoring are undoubtedly invaluable. Each mentoring session has made the mentor and mentee a better and more equipped individual. Some users have found a new job, a new internship, others have been promoted in the workplace, others have become happier and know what they want.

And Mentorink has launched a new application to make these success stories more visible and recognizable; An online Certificate of Achievement for Mentorink users. This certificate, which can be shared on Twitter and Facebook and added to Linkedin profile, strengthened the CVs of Mentors and Mentees, everyone heard their success stories and set an example for others.

Do you want to be part of this community and write a success story?