How to Communicate Your Mentoring Program

announcement and commmunication of mentoring programs

Do you know how importance of making right communication in mentoring program?

Have you design the mentoring program and it’s ready for launch? Now it’s time to making an announcement to attract employees to mentorship programs. But how do you spread the word in such a way that it attracts the right mentors and mentees and also meet the outcome that’s expected of it?

After developing the program, it must also be marketed and communicated with the organization. Here are the steps involved in communicating it well:

Create Awareness with a Clear Message

When you are announcing the program, make sure you announce the program from the top to the bottom. Start the announcement from the senior management and trickle it down to all entry-level employees.

Announcing that a mentoring program is ready to launch is not enough, you must also tell what type of program it is, what outcome it’s expected to bring and how will it benefit the organization and then the employees.

Make Announcement via Multiple Channels

Use multiple channels to make an announcement. Some organizations make an announcement during the meeting. Make the head of departments of leaders to announce the program via a team meeting where the program is discussed. This approach garners attention and ensures that each employee understands that the head of the department is pushing the program forward.

If your organization has an intranet, announce the program on the homepage of your Intranet with a click-through article. You can also announce it via email and use it as an opportunity to cover almost all juicy details about the program. Create a sense of urgency and scarcity to attract an audience. Other handles of announcing the program include online webinars and brochures. Take the help of the marketing team to create an attractive sales copy for the program announcement.

Other handles of announcing the program include online webinars and brochures. Take the help of the marketing team to create an attractive copy for the program announcement.

Involve the Influencers

Another compelling approach is to involve the influencers such as CEO, head of departments, leaders, and senior employers. When an influencing personality is endorsing a program and explaining its value, it creates an impact and attracts employees to mentorship programs.

This way, both mentors and mentees will show their willingness to participate. And when the right team is formed, this ultimately boosts the value of the program.

Use a Mentoring Software

Using a mentoring software also comes a long way in communicating the mentorship program. It can be used for consolidating all messages.

Here are some other ways an organization can utilize mentoring software:

  • Check-in with the participants regularly to gauge the satisfaction among mentors and mentees
  • Use the charts and reports generated by the software to measure how much time is being spent on various mentoring related activities.
  • Identify the issues for determining the areas of improvement
  • Gather feedback throughout the program to improve communication and improve the structure of the program

With a little research, collaboration, and help from the communication and marketing team, you will be able to announce the program successfully and attract the right audience. The comms and marketing department will help you in creating and disseminating some awesome materials to do justice with your program. Lastly don’t forget to name the mentoring program so that you can promote it properly.