Do you remember your first day at work?

Here is what I wrote in the notebook that I carried with me on my hopeful first day at work:

“I’ve been in a great unknown since this morning. Well, it’s only been two, two and a half hours. But I don’t know what to do. The time passes by so slowly. I’ve had several cups of coffee because of the stress. Now I have to find the restroom. I can’t ask the person sitting next to me, she looks very busy. I asked her where the coffee was anyway. I don’t want to bother her again… I’m so bored. Everyone knows each other. They’re chatting, making jokes. I can only smile. My cheeks hurt from smiling. What if no one invites me to lunch? Do I have to eat alone? I don’t even know where to eat. Maybe I can pretend not to be hungry and just nibble on the crackers I got this morning. My voice sounds thinner and weaker than it normally does. I’m so nervous… I feel like I was on a date with my boyfriend and out of the blue, his parents showed up and I was forced to sit alone with them… Everyone is working really hard, but they do chat and laugh sometimes too. I’m just scribbling on the paper in front of me. Why? Because IT hasn’t installed the software I need to work on my computer yet. And I can’t scroll Instagram while everyone else is working. The whole office is watching me today. I want to disappear today, to be invisible. The first day is so horrible. I can’t breathe in this suit. I got so dressed up like I’m going to a wedding. All I’m missing are the flowers. Everyone else is dressed casually. I want to lock myself in the restroom but I can’t even do that, I don’t have an ID card yet. It sucks to have to ask someone for theirs each time. I just want this nightmare of a day to end. Please…”

Do you remember your first day at work? Actually, it should be an exciting experience to start a new job. These “first days” are pivotal moments in our lives and should be remembered fondly. Any company that values their employees and wants to make these first days a more positive experience uses the buddy mentoring system. With buddy mentoring, you are paired up with an employee before you even start your job. Your buddy will guide you through the unwritten rules of the workplace and the daily practices in the office. Buddy mentoring is a very useful system in helping new employees easily adapt to the company culture and work operations. The new employee will have increased job productivity, company loyalty and social relationships while the buddy will work on their leadership and support skills.

Mentorink provides you with the content you need to implement the buddy mentoring system at your workplace. If you want to say a warm hello to your new employees, Mentorink is by your side. Buddy mentoring is an important tool in helping new employees easily adapt to your company, have a good first day at work, and create sincere relationships with your other employees.

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