13 Tips on How to Become a Successful Mentor

13 Tips on How to Become a Successful Mentor

Have you been offered an opportunity to become a mentor within a company? Or do you want to start your mentoring practice to help individuals out there learn to navigate through life? If yes, this article lists the most noteworthy tips that can help you become an successful mentor. Take a look:

1. Be empathetic

Remember, you started your career somewhere too, and most probably, you got a helping hand that streamlined the process. Similarly, other people need the same help in their lives to become successful.

2. Listen effectively and deeply

Effective listening is a vital yet unique skill not many people possess. Mentorship demands you to pay complete attention to the participants (mentees) and fully understand their arguments/queries. Only when you have a deep understanding of the subject will you provide efficient solutions.

3. Offer constructive criticism

Shying away from criticizing someone’s behavior, habits, or practices can be harmful in most cases. Identifying these elements for the individual to improve is vital, especially in the early stages of the process.

4. Be forthcoming about mistakes you’ve made 

Sharing the mistakes you made in your life can paint a better picture for the mentees to learn from and grow. This transparency will help you become relatable and a better role model for everyone involved.

5. Help in evolving strengths and diluting weaknesses

Carry out a SWOT analysis with your mentees to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once you have the information, promote a way to refine their strengths and reduce weaknesses.

Actively seeking out relevant classes, courses, or projects that you may find beneficial for the mentees can be a great practice. The participants will know that their guide makes their effort and provides them with invaluable resources and opportunities.

7. Be open-minded

Since you’ll face people with varying views about complex or general topics, it is vital to be open-minded about everything. An accepting behavior on your part will allow mentees to share more openly and learn important lessons in the process.

8. Have great patience

Patience is a virtue that you need actively work on if you want to become a successful mentor. Mentorship programs demand nourishment and effort where it can be overwhelming at times. But keeping your cool can do incredible wonders.

9. Display commitment

Your commitment to the assigned role will determine whether your mentees will take influence from you or become careless. 

10. Approach each mentorship differently

Not every mentorship program requires the same rules and ideas to function optimally. Each program needs a tailored strategy that is effective to their unique needs and demands.

11. Take a genuine interest in your mentee as a person

Continuing the virtue of active listening, you have to display a genuine concern for the personality of your mentees. This way, they’ll feel more connected to you and perform better.

12. Set expectations together in the very beginning

It is important to set realistic expectations at the beginning of this process. Fantasized goals and impossible expectations can cause harm in the long run.

13. Celebrate mentee’s achievements

Last thing on our list is celebrating your mentee’s achievements. If your mentees achieve their goals you set together or win an award or complete a project, you should appreciate, support and be happy for your mentees to give them motivation.


Mentorship programs seem enticing but becoming a successful mentor takes time, practice, and all the above-provided points. So it is ideal that you follow this article carefully before embarking on your next mentoring adventure.