Mentorink Handbook


We are happy to see you on Mentorink, the social learning platform that is exclusively customized for your organization. Mentorink is a distinguished network that grows with each new member and ultimately contributes to individual and organizational success simultaneously.

Each member of our network has a role either as a Mentor or a Mentee. As you are just welcomed among us, let’s further explore the borders of your role:

1. What does it mean to be a Mentor/Mentee on Mentorink?

Mentees on Mentorink:

  • Ask questions and are active learners,
  • Give and embrace constructive feedback,
  • Devote time for regular sessions and follow up actions.

Mentors on Mentorink:

  • Build constructive, sincere relationships based on trust and avoid being judgmental,
  • Listen to their Mentee genuinely and share their relevant experiences, accomplishments and failures,
  • Create quality time for sessions and take active part.
2. How does Mentorink work? What should I expect from the process?
1 Matching Up and Start
  • Upon receiving your application, Mentorink, in collaboration with the HR department of your organization, elects the best Mentee for a Mentor based on their profile, needs and area of interests.
2 The First Session
  • Once you are matched, you initiate the contact by sending the first message via the Chat Board on your MyMatching page and arrange the first appointment.
  • Your first session on Mentorink is very important as you both test your compatibility and exchange expectations from the process and one another.
  • By the end of the first session, you reach a mutual decision whether to start a journey or ask for new match with a better compatibility based on expectations.
3 Mentorink Sessions
  • Mentorink provides you with a smart content for each session that aims to inspire and encourage your development.
  • Mentorink defines the main aspects of a successful mentoring relationship as; 1) Goal Setting, 2) Acquiring the necessary skills and techniques to reach the goals, 3) Adopting the relevant social/personal content.
  • Therefore, the smart Mentorink content aims to improve and strengthen you from these aspects.
4 Feedback
  • Your individual development is at the top of Mentorink’s priorities. Therefore, Mentorink collects and delivers constant feedback from/to both parties.
  • This leads Mentors and Mentees hold a mirror to one another and contributes to their individual development through honest reflecting on experiences.
  • At the end of the process, you become eligible for a Certificate that demonstrates your experience as a Mentor or a Mentee. This strengthens not only your skills but also your CV and ultimately serves as an important source for organizational performance assessment.
3. Clues to make your process easier on Mentorink:

  • Do not wait for the right time to start. Because the right time is 'NOW'.
  • You do not have to worry about what to discuss during the sessions. You have smart Mentorink content to lead the sessions.
  • Most of the successful Mentors and Mentees make a routine of their appointments selecting a certain time as their Mentorink Hour, while avoiding interruption and intrusion.
  • Saying goes as “Spoken words fly away while written words remain”, so we suggest you to take notes of your sessions on the Note Board located on your MyMatching page.
  • Reviewing the smart content prior to the session, taking active part during the session and taking relevant actions following the session maximize the Power of 2.
4. What will you get out of this process in the end?

  • You will connect with a fellow colleague who you probably would never have the chance to get to know on normal circumstances.
  • The synergy created from your collaboration will lead you to brand new paths and partnerships.
  • You will have developed better leadership skills as a Mentor or you will have been better equipped with new skills brought by the guidance of a Mentor.
  • You will have improved your knowledge through the smart content curated for you.
  • You will be given a Certificate that proves you take mentoring seriously and take concrete steps towards it.
  • The Power of 2 will make you a happier and more successful person. You will experience the satisfaction of sharing and growing together.

Now that you are ready,

Let's get it started!