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What is Mentorink?

Mentorink is an online mentoring software, which aims to accelerate individual and professional development through new generation smart mentoring activities. Mentorink is specifically customized for your organization and personalized for you.

Based on unique user profiles and development needs, Mentorink;

  • Builds strong mentoring interactions through connecting users that are eager to develop individually and professionally within your organizations,
  • Accelerates mutual development of individuals by conducting smart mentoring activities.
A Distinguished Network of
Bright and Promising
Personalized Smart Mentoring Sessions

1. Mentorink forms a distinguished network of accomplished and capable mentors.

2. Mentors are matched up with bright and promising Mentees with the smart matching algorithm.

4. Individual and professional development is ensured by constant feedback and assessment.

3. Mentorink provides a mutual development experience by certain number of sessions.

Smart Matching

Answer the creative questions and complete your personality test!

Mentorink will elect the best mentor/mentee for you according to your strengths, needs and area of interests.

Smart Interaction

Start your development by the help of your personalized Mentorink pack, which includes inspiring questions and multimedia content!

Mentorink will provide you a content pack that is uniquely created for you based on the analysis of your profile and area of interests.

Smart Assessment

Manage your feedback and instantly monitor your development!

Mentorink will help you clarify your expectations and define your goals at each and every step of the process. You will also be provided with reporting tools that enable an instant and constant follow up of your development.

What does Mentorink offer?

Research shows that;

  • 60% of the individuals state that mentoring activities largely contribute to their life and work-related choices
  • Individuals with previous mentoring experiences (either as a Mentor or a Mentee) prove to be 5 times more successful in their professional lives

In order to make mentoring accessible and available for everyone, Mentorink;

  • builds a distinguished network of mentors and mentees exclusively formed by individuals within your organization
  • transforms old fashioned mentoring interactions with no solid purpose or result into brand new relationships generating productive experiences.
For Mentors
  • Improves leadership skills that are crucial in professional life such as coaching, goal setting and giving constructive feedback.
  • Improves your knowledge in your area of interests and helps enabling constant learning.
  • Provides a profound and unique social satisfaction by making a difference in another individual’s life.
For Mentees
  • Inspires Mentees to design their future through the experiences and guidance of individuals who have achieved similar goals.
  • Enables Mentees to gain the knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve their personal and professional dreams.
  • Introduces the role models that encourage Mentees’ enthusiasm.

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