About Us

Most of us have experienced the role of a Mentor or a Mentee within several organizations. But quite unfortunately we have come to the realization that what we were part of was a mentoring scheme that was neither effectual nor inspiring. We sadly witnessed cases where individuals were matched up on the basis of no solid rationale and we experienced mentoring schemes that had been failed due to no proper structure and orientation.

We believe that this has to change. We believe individual and social development is possible by maximizing productive interaction between individuals. Therefore, we identify ourselves as a team that works to achieve this vision. We aim to create a model, which enables mutual and consistent development through reciprocal transmission of experience and knowledge. The structure we base on the “Power of 2” provides you with an experience that challenges both Mentor and Mentee and creates an environment where true wisdom is gained alongside with disciplinary knowledge.

We aim to transform those old-fashioned and dull mentoring practices into personalized, productive and inspiring mutual development experiences. Our dream is to lead a paradigm shift by democratizing this service and making it accessible to the masses.

Mentorink is available to individual users on www.mentorink.com. Mentorink also collaborates with visionary HR Teams and provides exclusive and customized mentoring networks to the partner organizations.

Our Team

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