Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mentorink?

    Mentorink is a social learning platform that aims to accelerate individual and professional development through new generation smart mentoring activities.

  • How is Mentorink different than any other mentoring networks such as alumni associations etc?

    It is quite unfortunate to observe that most mentoring schemes are built upon no solid personality analysis, therefore they result in failure costing both parties’ time.

    Mentorink, on the contrary, makes successful and productive mentoring interactions possible by basing its activities on thorough analysis of user profiles and needs.

  • Who can be a Mentor/Mentee?

    Any member within your organization who is willing to participate in smart mentoring activities may become a Mentor/Mentee on Mentorink.

  • Why should I become a Mentor/Mentee?

    There are countless benefits of Mentorink’s mentoring schemes both for Mentors and Mentees.

    Mentoring schemes built upon the “Power of 2” leads:

    Mentors to:

    • improve leadership skills that are profoundly important in professional life such as coaching, goal setting and giving constructive feedback.
    • improve their knowledge in their area of interests and helps enabling constant learning.
    • get a profound and unique social satisfaction by making a difference in another individual’s life.

    Mentees to:

    • get inspired to design their future through the experiences and guidance of individuals who have managed to achieve similar goals.
    • gain the knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve their personal and professional dreams.
    • gain accessible role models that encourage their enthusiasm.

  • What sorts of activities are included in mentoring schemes on Mentorink?

    A successful mentoring scheme is the one that is made of regular sessions that are sincere, genuine and constructive. Mentors listen to their Mentees with no judgmental attitude. They share their own experiences encouraging Mentees to be constantly aware of the opportunities on their way. They mutually generate solutions to their struggles, learn, explore and ultimately grow together

  • How often should Mentorink sessions be scheduled and how long should one session last?

    We genuinely believe that regular sessions are crucial for a mentoring scheme to be successful. Having carefully observed many successful examples, we suggest you to have regular defined sessions.

    Accordingly, Mentorink will automatically direct you to a process of predefined number of sessions and will schedule another session in defined weeks from your last session.

  • How do Mentorink sessions work? Do I have to be in the same location with my Mentor/Mentee?

    Ultimately this all depends on Mentor/Mentee’s choice. Nevertheless, given the logistic challenges such as different locations, busy schedules etc. we suggest you to have your sessions online.

    With this purpose, we provide you with a tool for online video calls. You may start a video call by clicking the camera button on your MyMatching page. If your browser does not support it (if you do not have Chrome or Firefox), you may have your session over Skype or Hangouts.

    In order to discuss such details, you may write to your Mentor/Mentee via the Chat board on your MyMatching page instantly.

  • What is expected of me in a Mentorink process?

    The first and the most important thing that is expected from Mentors and Mentees in a Mentorink process is to create a genuine, sincere, proactive and open-minded environment that is free of bias.

    Once such an environment is created, Mentors/Mentees are expected to participate in the scheduled sessions, engage in conversations and take the relevant actions.

    You may have a look at the “ Handbook ” for further information on the roles of Mentors and Mentees.

  • How do the registration and application processes work?

    Having been registered to Mentorink using the link that is sent to you by your organization, we request you to fill in your profile with relevant information. Following this, you may click the Apply button located on your dashboard to submit your application and start your Mentorink process.

  • How do you match Mentors and Mentees?

    After you submit your application, Mentorink starts searching for the best Mentor/Mentee for you by using the smart matching algorithms

    What makes Mentorink different than other mentoring tools is that Mentorink also focuses on your personality analysis and area of interests alongside your academic and professional background. This way Mentorink aims to introduce you to not only a person with a similar resume but also a person who shares common passions, enthusiasm and a similar look on life.

    When matching process is concluded in collaboration with the HR department of your organization, you get notified via email. It may take a few days or weeks to complete the matching process.

  • Does Mentorink share any information with other parties without my consent?

    No, Mentorink does not share any information that you provide with other parties without your permission and consent. Only basic information is shared with your Mentor/Mentee after. This information will be highlighted to you in the registration and application process.

  • What is the purpose of Mentorink content and how is it curated?

    Mentorink applies a smart algorithm to identify the interests and needs that are common to both Mentor and Mentee within the context of your organization. Following this, Mentorink curates content for each session accordingly and it includes the most popular videos, articles and other materials on the selected topics.

  • How can I be sure that I have had productive sessions and the process has contributed to my development?

    In order to monitor the progress, Mentorink uses smart assessment tools. After each session, Mentee clicks the “Complete the Session” button on the MyMatching page. This triggers a process where both Mentor/Mentee are asked for feedback on the session. You can instantly access the results on the ���Performance Report” section.

    Mentorink also takes necessary preventive actions when assessment shows an interruption in development.

  • How should I proceed if I encounter a problem with my Mentor/Mentee?

    Mentorink takes the compatibility of Mentor and Mentee very seriously. If you realize compatibility issues with your Mentor/Mentee in the first meeting, you may notify us by clicking the “Report an Issue” button

    When you notify us about your issue, the HR Manager of your organization and experienced consultants from Mentorink will contact you and solve the problem, possibly by proceeding with a new Mentor/Mentee match.

  • So what happens after Mentorink ends?

    Although it seems to be a long process in the beginning, it ends in the blink of an an eye. Previous experience shows that Mentorink interactions are not limited to this program, many transform into productive companionships that last a lifetime. Therefore, it is our hope that you keep in touch with your Mentor/Mentee even after your Mentorink scheme ends. We will also be glad to oblige if you wish to participate in a new Mentorink scheme.