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“Every successful professional has a good Mentor in life.”

Richard Branson

Scientific research shows that,

Mentorink, by the help of smart matching-interaction-assessment tools, transforms the old fashioned and dull mentoring schemes into personalized, productive and inspiring experiences.

Mentoring schemes that are built upon a good match, uninterrupted constant interaction and constructive feedback provide both Mentor and Mentee with countless benefits.

  • 5 times
    Individuals who have experienced the role of a Mentor/Mentee gets promoted 5 times more frequently
  • 20 %
    Individuals who have experienced the role of a Mentor/Mentee earns 20% more
  • 70 %
    70% of Fortune500 companies have their own ongoing mentoring schemes
  • 60 %
    60% of the senior executives in the UK state that they have taken part in mentoring schemes as a Mentor or Mentee and 97% states that that experience contributed largely to their current status
  • 60 %
    60% of the undergrad students state that mentoring schemes play a crucial role in their job selection.

Before Mentorink

  • Unproductive mentoring schemes that solely focus on transmission of experience from Mentor to Mentee
  • Matching process with no solid regard to competency
  • Mentoring schemes with no proper assessment or guidance

With Mentorink

  • A productive, customized and personalized mentoring scheme that rises upon allowing mutual development
  • Smart Matching
  • Smart Interaction
  • Smart Assessment

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