ATU selects Mentorink to empower their workforce

ATU leverages Mentorink’s Online Smart Mentoring Platform to enable individual and professional development

ATU Duty Free

  • Based in Istanbul, employs more than 2.700 people and serve over 1 million customers worldwide each year.
  • Conducts operations in 27 airports in 8 countries, with more than 120 stores.

The Challenge

  • High costs in delivering development programmes to larger audiences
  • Inefficiencies in expanding the company culture into multiple locations
  • Lack of interaction among employees, preventing synergies

The Solution

  • Online Smart Mentoring Platform deployed company wide instantly and at a low-cost
  • Structured and result-oriented mentoring programme, enablıng a direct communication channel between employees
  • Various development areas (e.g. leadership, functional skills etc.) depending on the needs of each employee
  • Continuous feedback & monitoring
This program has been recognized as being designed in accordance with emcc turkey
It has also received the 'Best Application Award' at EDUCORP Awards 2017 educorp awards 2017 turkey

Develop key leadership skills & expand company culture in an organic and effective way

Establish a development-focused communication channel among employees in multiple locations, enabling synergies

Enable employees to develop key functional skills through internal knowledge and experiences

zeynep derya levent
Zeynep Derya Levent

HR and Retail Institute Director, ATU Duty Free

“Thanks to Mentorink, initially, we were able to launch an online mentoring programme that is specialised to our needs very rapidly and at a quite low cost. By the benefits of the online world, we have made it possible for our employees in different locations to gather up in the context of mentoring and build a one-to-one relationship based on trust. Secondly, we have ensured them to utilise their meetings more consciously, effective and result oriented by giving tailored guidance and providing inspiring materials serving the purpose of the programme. Lastly, while operating all this process automatically, being able to monitor the progress on Mentorink’s admin panel has made the process a lot easier for us. In summary, Mentorink enabled us to accelerate our individual and corporate development by building ‘effectively working’ mentoring relationships and made it a lot easier and affordable for us to manage it.”