Like most of us, we have been involved in mentoring programs at various organizations both as mentors and mentees. But quite unfortunately we have come to the realization that most mentoring schemes were neither effectual nor inspiring. We sadly witnessed cases where individuals were matched up on no solid rationale and most mentoring pairs failed due to the lack of proper structure and guidance, leading to so much time, energy and money getting wasted.

We believe that this has to change. We live in a world where one’s ability to leverage knowledge is becoming far more important than the knowledge itself and mentoring provides a great opportunity to accelerate this process by learning from others’ experiences in a fast and less costly way. We believe that mentoring activities that directly meet the emerging need for ‘social’ learning in our society today will have an increasingly indispensable role for individual and professional development in the future. 

In order for mentoring programs to scale and unleash their full potential, we believe that there is a need for a simple, frictionless and engaging user experience both for mentors & mentees and the program admins. Our team has come together to lead such a paradigm shift in the mentoring industry, by taking advantage of the benefits of the ‘online’ world.

We started our journey in 2014 and have been developing Mentorink, an online smart mentoring for companies and organizations. Mentorink enables HR managers to start their smart mentoring program within minutes and manage it effortlessly. It transforms ineffective mentoring programs that lack guidance and monitoring capabilities into structured and result-oriented development experiences.

Mentorink already serves various leading companies, NGOs, professional organizations and alumni clubs across the industry. We have been accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)’s Turkey section and received the “Best Application Award” at the EDUCORP Awards. We believe that our unique strength is the learnings we have accumulated throughout this journey in which we have engaged with thousands of users and facilitated thousands of mentor-mentee pairs. With these valuable learnings and our sincere passion, we continue to work hard and do our best to expand such smart mentoring activities into many more companies and organizations.

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